Friday, 3 May 2019


AFTER AN EARLY BREAKFAST,i tarted my long day trip to lake bunyonyi,with a hike from kabale town on foot,via rwakaraba,my hike started from butare..a small village know for iron ore mining that took me two hours .My fast stop  was Arcadia cottage for a bottle of soda and scenic view for photography.THE NEXT was to descend to the lake for canoeing and ziplining which was fun day to me i also took some funny snaps around the lake as you can see...i returned back to town at around 4pm..after  lunch from local hotels around by bodaboda on a fee of 5000ugx.


Ruhija is in the eastern edge of Bwindi National Park.
ORUZOGO: Has 17 group members
BITUKURA;Has 14 members
KYAGURILO:HAS 20 member although divided into two small groups of 10 ,10 members

Accommodation .Around this destination a number of campsites,resorts have been put in place to act as arresting place for gorilla trackers,birders in this area.
I visited RUHIJA COMMUNITY REST CAMP..just 15 minutes walk from visitor centre where i spent my over night,the facility is basic favoring mid range and budget.
they have camping space,tents for hire,tentend accommodation at 45$per person
bed and break fast,
double rooms 50$ per person
twin rooms 35$ bed and breast
triple room 40$ per person
meals are affordable with 10$ you can eat and leave more on you table.break fast is included in your accommodation rates.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

LEGEND LAKE NYABIHOKO in Rwashamaire Ntungamo

Legend has it that centuries ago a wealthy Bahima cattle farmer called Mutuumo who had hundreds of cows and many servants had a calf born to his herd, of multiple colours and he was then warned by the gods never to eat the cow as it was sacred, even if it died through natural causes. Mutuumo also had a secret son to one of his female servants, of which more later! Mutuumo took the advice seriously, however when he was later travelling extensively in Rwanda to trade his products, the cow did die and his servants, who were hungry, ignored the pleas of Mutummo's wife not to eat the cow and feasted on the animal. Mutuumos' secret son, who lived amongst the servant also unwittingly ate the meat, breaking the family oath Mutuumo had made to the gods.

As a punishment, the gods made it rain for twenty-eight days causing floods that turned the family farm and surrounding area into the modern day Lake Nyabihoko that covers 2.31 sq miles. Whilst Mutuumo survived, his wife daughter and servants did not nor did any of his wealth nor herd. His illegitimate son, however, was spared. On discovering what had happened, Mutuumo, a broken and impoverished man, approached his old and rich friend Mwamba and took a the job of keeping Mwamba's calves to support himself. In time Mutuumo told his friend the entire story and the two men formed a pact to drown themselves in the newly formed lake to spare their lives' further misery however, before they died, they wanted to ensure their legacy and provide for their children, so told those children to prepare for a feast at the lakeside. There they told them that when they died the children, including Mutuumo's son who had survived the flood, were to inherit Mwamba's land and chattels equally. Once the message had been delivered the children were sent back to collect further supplies for their feast and the two father's took the opportunity once the children had disappeared from view to jump together into the lake where they drowned.

Today the lake is home to Mutuumo Island Resort in recognition of the legend and on the island there is indeed evidence of an old traditional Ankole homestead; although little other supporting evidence of the Lake's supposed creation. Lake Nyabihoko itself is situated on the Ntungamo-Rukungiri Road and whilst not readily accessible is nevertheless worth a visit if staying in nearby Ntungamo. In addition to the island resort it is home to Pelican Beach which has rooms and apartments for tourists to rent from which you can take a drink on a terrace and watch the local fishermen on the lake go about their business.

You can also hire a boat or dug out canoe for as little as £1 or pay a bit extra for a guide who will take you on an excursion of the lake. From there you can see a variety of wildlife and birds including the Grey Crowned Crane, Fish Eagle and, of course, pelicans from which the beach gets its name. The locals will tell you tales of hippos and crocodiles in and around the lake as well. Don't always believe them though!

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Muhabura or Muhavura volcano is the third highest peak and the steepest among the 8 volcanoes of the Virunga massive region. Located at the rim of Uganda and Rwanda, mount Muhabura lies party in the Volcanoes national park of Rwanda and Mgahinga national park of Uganda. The mountain summit is beautiful but you cannot be able to view the rest of other volcanoes because of the cloud cover.Muhabura is linked together with mount Gahinga by a broad saddle in the west with a crater lake of about 40 meters at its summit. Once you reach the summit, you are rewarded with breathtaking views of all the different ranges.

 Uganda is endowed with various mountains under different formation say block mountain,fault mountain,and volcanicity. i decided to try one by one with a chance getting to Muhabura in the fast place.One day after choosing the hike destination, i started reading and revising all about on how  to make it to the summit and glance on free breathing space with an open crater lake with fresh water while in the sky at 4127 meters above sea level.I bought hiking shoes for the fast time,cardigans,rain jacket.and boy sharp to cover my head,i started footing in all hills in kampala and visiting offices and buildings with long steeps market of course up and down,reduced on moving by taxi in the city or motor cycles 30th day 03/2017 leached went to capital shoppers Nakasero and made sure that the day to come i will not stave packed chocolate,glucose,cakes,bread,water,sweets.On the other side bought tablets to help me in breathing,insect sprays,as an African i did not buy perfumes and Jerry to protect me from insect's harm. 

The day reached 31st/ 03/2017 with much happiness like a gloom,went to the kisenyi bus terminal this time booked with Bismarkhan to Kisoro  the driver started the journey at 8:05am with blessings from noise of people and cars in the city ways in all roads via Namirembe, Mengo,Natete route.With many stop overs we could reached  i only played with my camera in one of shape coners that give an interesting view of the Muhavura ranges kisoro town in late evening.
booked a simple accommodation in town.From along day travel i ate a simple meal and too much hot tea because of coldness in the town. I made same friend ship around with hoteliers around booked a motorcycle  to move me early for my hike. I set my clock timer and slept off.


Early morning my cyclist hard reached by 6:20 we left for Muhabura camp out post to em-back on my day trip activity and good enough i arrived in time our guide called Yonah 
Briefed us and there hard come other visitors going on Gorilla tracking.7:30am we started our activity and what i got out of this in the way...people considered 'how far is the distance  remaining to leach the summit than how long " and this slows your passe.By 9:30 i hard reached the first resting house  i cannot tell you where others were i could not sit since sitting was not planned for.From the bamboo zone now i hard started the woodland as they started to reduce the more i moved higher.By 5:20 i hard reached second resting hat and their i sat a little to see the environment around and to wait for others members on the struggle  i removed my chocolate,and water and same tablets to energies my stomach and brain to stabilize  and commence for main goal.As i was feeling the delicacy of by biscuits may eyes were steering    a round i saw open calderas, crater varies and as mall part of kisoro town..After 10 minutes i commenced to the summit that took me 50minutes
I a rived on the summit when it was heavy shinning and was like whole heaven was on me,i become observant i immediately saw lakes in Rwanda,  four of the Virrunga massive,Mount Rwenzori summit and much more,And lastly a beautiful crater lake i have always herd in books and news papers  just in front of me  i sat now opened my buffet made sure i regain what i lost in five hours thy i knew there is sloping buck..i moved around Rwanda side here and there WORST of it all in a squint "sunshine rays were brooked by fog and coldness come from nowhere all of us hurriedly grubbed on sweaters and no more water taking" my clothes   were covered by fog and this come into my mind that when your in a low land  you think its clouds when they are fog. At 1 sharp we broke our nackles and joints and  sloped slowly my legs were hot,shivaling,and wondering when shall we reach on the starting point.i gained energy as a man as i watched ladies too tired calling heaves to help them,i maneuvered by 3:20pm i was in the parking calling my cyclists to take me away.That evening i ate all i herd and by 9pm hard joined my bed to sing  tire-sum harmony in the night.

DAY THREE       

Good enough i hard booked  with an early bus, off went back to Kampala.
 The hike takes approximately 5-6 hours depending on the group movements

The hike is very steep yet it IS a one day hike therefore requires you to be in very good shape
arrive at starting point before 7:30am After briefing from the park head offices, check of gear and supplies, the group will head out to the Muhavura head trails where the hike starts. From the parking space to the park office, you will pass through farmers fields, houses.
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when i decided to have a view of Lake Bunyonyi ("Place of many little birds") is in south-western Uganda between Kisoro and Kabale and it is close to the border with Rwanda.the lake appears on the 5,000 Ugandan shilling note under the title "Lake Bunyonyi and terraces".Towns on its shores include Kyevu and Muko, while its 29 islands include Punishment Island and Bushara Island. Lake Bunyonyi is a body of water 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) west of Kabale town.The Bakiga used to leave unmarried pregnant girls on this small island with - to die of hunger or while trying to swim to the mainland (swimming skills were rare). This was to intimidate the rest, to show them not to do the same. A man without cows to pay the bride price could go to the island and pick up a girl(batwa). The practice got abandoned in the first half of the 20th century.
I hard always wanted to peep on one of the islands and for sure spend a day or night and feel that curiosity on water,s mercy.....still thinking about how to quench that i remembered along time friend Keneth who lived on one of the islands and hard stayed there for the rest of his life as his home,pulled out one thousand note bought credited my phone line hello Keneth..."omugega oragambach"he replied in a true Mukiga language then we sorted the issue on how to fulfill my one of my dreams.we 
concluded to join parties in the weekend.on 
Friday morning 25/nov/2016 i boarded ataxi from where i stayed Kitintale Kampala and headed to kisenyi bus terminal by 8:10am Baby coach was leaving the city for Kampala Masaka road though resistant the traffic in city was the driver was knowledgeable and dogged all that jam and used the Rubaga Mengo route. the bus fired upto Masaka and in same check points and again to Mbarara town same passengers moved out and the remain were going to Ntungamo.Kabale,Kisoro including 4:20pm we hard leached the Switzerland of Africa...since i knew the town i looked for the affordable lodge for my night and i decided to stay in kings hotel full board self contained and for real if fitted my budget. After refreshing my body got my keys given to me and hard to go for evening tour around the town.i called a bodaboda guy we negotiated on how much to move me in and out of the hills that make up the town.MY first hill was Makanga that is green natural,with many office,event and social places like we entered White horse inn which was among the first hotels in the region to be established,i visited kigezzi gardens in up hills,Kabale hospital,Cephas inn where i found backpackers and the place is good for honeymooners,backpackers, business tourism, conference,meetings and other events.Again othe hill you have  awesome view of the whole town and other hills on others sides .Me and my bodaboda rider we now sloped from Makanga hill to Rugarama hill where the Agerican bishop resides,aprominant Agerican university Bishop Barhum Uiversity,kigezi High School ,Hombey Hihg school are found.The coldness hard started to Vail out now but i hard to to be stubborn too on it tightening my sweaters on my skinny body .Off we went to the last hill Kikungiri hill which resides kabale University ,prison and children court .....we passed through town besides little litzz,Edirisa restaurant,NTC,UCC,and a mall town Nyakambu full of people in the evening hours to understand why the area resides many students from colleges around and University the hill was full of mall white rooms named lecture rooms no gate though there is official gate meaningless.The coldness hard taken all of my breath we hard to quite quickly to  my lodge for dinner.

DAY TWO Early in the morning,my boda hard already a lived  to pick me for the lake.with my luggage we started off an 8KM road ride which was mavo in the sweet coldness with little kids going to school on foot so interesting in eyes but hurting by 8am we hard reached the shores of the lake my friend keneth hard leached waiting for a city boy .Moved around first on the resorts and lodges around them at 9AM keneth removed the tie on the dugout canoe  "what if the canoe cap-sises,he had come with a cup in the canoe in case of rain to fetch water out i was joined by other three people there i gained confidence though i stated thinking all the negatives on earth,KENETH told us never to put hand s in water up to when we leach the destination although he told us also that when you take water from the lake when your in its middle no one can ever try to bewitch you using lake water ....i remembered that its blihazier free  i took one pamful .
we leached safely and i was warmly welcomed by the family on the "Habukome"island keneth involved me in many home activities moving me from one farm to another and i spotted a kid of 5years sailing with a canoe from the same island i was on to another to gather sweet potatoes for the day surprising that the kid was faster than my fears.KENETH showed me other island on the lake like upside down,bushara,akapene,and more
i enjoyed the island for the day and in the evening at 4pm we sat again in the canoe this time keneth passed me through a hidden resort "Etusi retreat resort" which is only one on head land among many resorts on the lake.we moved around the head land and passed through on foot hiked for good hour and sloped to the bay to sail to the main bay.we payed UGX1000/= me and keneth and leached the bay called(Orutindo),,,,i said fare well to my friend and host and boarded a new motorcycle very tired and stopped to my lodge for the second budget night refreshed my body and was just stolen by sleep

  Checked out at 9am after breakfast and booked with bismarkhan bus that leaves Kabale at 10am. time leached and said farewell to the highland kigezzi coldest part of the country 
 I acknowledge my host at the lake keneth, motorcyclist for town tour,kings lodge management,
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Monday, 13 November 2017


KIBIRO Escarpment to Kibiro Salt Gardens – Lake Albert. Best for the Adventurous travelers– a challenging Hike ascending the Albertine Rift Valley to see the Kibiro Fishing Village
The very old Kibiro Salt Gardens located close to Lake Albert within the Western Rift Valley are an amazing cultural and historical which were visited by Emin Pasha as the very first explorer from the western world who traversed the Albertine Rift Valley to reach this amazing site.
Currently, the Kibiro Salt Gardens is among Uganda’s off the Beaten Track tourist destinations and one of the leading obstacles that his limiting the number of visitors that go to this place is its remote location. The site can only be accessed by either foot- and it involves descending down the fairly steep Escarpment, or by boat on Lake Albert or using a ‘monster’ 4 wheel drive powerful vehicle.
As you take the somewhat demanding hike down the escarpment, you won’t fail to see various people bypass you on foot carrying boxes of bottled water, and crates of beer and sold for trade at this site while others are coming from the gardens making the way uphill with fish salt plus other items being carried.
Taking a Visit to the Kibiro Salt Gardens isn’t for the light hearted but preferably for the very adventurous holidaymakers that are in reasonable shape and fair physically fit to take on the hike along the Western Rift Albertine Escarpment’s walls. However, during this adventure, the easiest part will be accessing the beginning point.
The Kibiro Fishing Village found at the bottom on the floor of the Western Rift Albertine Escarpment is not different from the other fishing villages located on Lake Albert, however, what makes it special are the stunning Salt Gardens there.
For the past hundreds and hundreds of years, these Salt Gardens have been a source of salt to the Bunyoro Kingdom as well as the neighboring human communities. Also as you approach the beginning point of this hike, you may come across a number of venders along the road selling salt from these gardens.
We recommend that as you take this hike you wear strong hiking boats to enable you stay firm and traverse the trail, wear a long sleeved shirt, long trousers, and carry a day pack with some snacks, around two liters of drinking water.  It’s also best that you are availed with a walking stick for his hike.
As you take on this trails, keep in mind that you are following the footsteps of many who have walked up and down this path for more than 900 years ago; what a great and exciting experience.
You will meet women carrying bags of salt up the escarpment and these they normally barter trade for food or simply sell as this salt is used by the local people living in the village.
On arrival you will be assigned a local guide who will lead you to the nearby hot springs as well as the kibeho salt gardens.  Currently this area has turned into an archeological digging site for glass beads that were previously used several hundred of years back during the barter trade, as well as clay pots that were used back then in salt making.
It is alleged that the water from these hot springs has healing abilities so you might find a number of people washing or  ‘cleansing’ in it.
Ash salt is produced from the Kibiro Salt Gardens and it is obtained through recycling left behind earth with fresh-soil that is spread over the salt gardens so that the salty water gets absorbed by use of the capillary system. By repeatedly scraping, spreading as well as heaping of this salty soil for a period of seven days, it is then leached while the residue (left over) is boiled up to the point of crystallization until the ash salt is formed. Afterwards the residual soil collected from leaching is then with some fresh soil and the salt production process is repeated. Just as it is today this Salt Production was in the past mainly done by women.
Kibiro Village found on Lake Albert doesn’t produce much so for their survival they take the salt and fish up the Rift escarpment and there they sell it for cash which they use to purchase the other necessities they need.
So a visit to this village will be a clear illustration of the hardships some people or communities go through in order to survive in the world today.
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AFTER AN EARLY BREAKFAST,i tarted my long day trip to lake bunyonyi,with a hike from kabale town on foot,via rwakaraba,my hike started from ...